Physics Practical

BI 695


Text Book of Physics Practical

Standard - XII

Author : Ashwini Marathe

Book ID : 695

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 1.      Simple Pendulum: ‘g’ by Simple Pendulum

2.      Force Constant and Potential Energy of the Oscillating System.

3.      Young’s Modulus : Y by Searlr’s Method

4.      Sonometer: Verification of the First Law of Vibrating Strings

5.      Sonometer: Verification of the Second Law of Vibrating String

6.      Determination of Speed of Sound in Air at Room Temperature using Resonance Tube.

7.      Melde’s Experiment: Determination of Unknown Frequency (Parallel and Perpendicular Position)

8.      Surface Tension of Water by Capillary Rise Method using Travelling Microscope

9.      Newton’s Law of Cooling

10.    BH by Tangent Galvanometer

11.    Laws of Resistances in Series / Parallel by using Meter Bridge

12.    Resistance of Galvanometer by Kelvin’s Method

13.    Comparison of EMF’s by using Potentiometer (E1 / E2)

14.    Internal Resistance of a Cell by using a Potentiometer.

15.    Determination of Current Sensitivity of Moving Coil Table Galvanometer

16.    Characteristics of p-n Junction Diode

17.    Characteristics of Zener Diode

18.    Basic Logic Gates

19.    Full Wave Rectifier using Semiconductor Diodes

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