Mathematics & Statistics (Commerce) P-II

BI 683


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Mathematics & Statistics (Commerce) P-II

Standard - XII

Author : Tatke, Date, Garje.

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1.    Theory of Attributes
1.1    Introduction
1.2    Notation
1.3    Dichotomy
1.4    Class and Class Frequency
1.5    Relation Between Class-Frequencies
1.6    Consistency of Data
1.7    Criteria of Independence of Attributes
1.8    Association of Attributes
2.    Regression Analysis
2.1    Introduction
2.2    Meaning and Types of Regression
2.3    Linear Regression
2.4    Regression Coefficient
2.5    Angle Between Lines of Regression
3.    Finite Differences, Methods of Interpolation and Numerical Integration
3.1    Introduction
3.2    Finite differences
3.3    Interpolation
3.4    Lagrange's interpolation formula
3.5    Numerical Integration
4.    Binomial Distribution and Poisson Distribution
4.1    Introduction
4.2    Statement of Binomial Theorem
4.3    General Term in Binomial Expansion
4.4    Bernoulli's Trial
4.5    Binomial Distribution
4.6    Conditions of Binomial Distribution
4.7    Mean and Variance of Binomial Distribution
4.8    Poisson Distribution
4.9    Mean and Variance of Poisson Distribution
5.    Linear Programming
5.1    Introduction
5.2    Meaning of Linear Programming Problem
5.3    Mathematical formulation OF LPP
5.4    Solution of LPP by Graphical Method
6.    Assignment Problem and Sequencing Problem
6.1    Introduction
6.2    Definition of Assignment Model
6.3    Mathematical formulation of assignment model
6.4    Hungarian Method for Solution of an Assignment Problem
6.5    General Description of a Sequencing Problem
6.6    Processing n jobs through two machines
6.7    Processing n jobs through three machines
7.    Vital Statistics, Mortality Rates and Life Tables
7.1    Introduction
7.2    Demography as science of Population Studies
7.3    Introduction and uses of vital statistics
7.4    Notation and Terminology in Vital Statistics
7.5    Measurement of Mortality
7.6    Notation and Terminology used in Life table (Mortality table)
7.7    Assumptions, Description and Construction of the Life Table
7.8    Uses of Life Tables
8.    Index Numbers
8.1    Introduction
8.2    Definition and Nature of Index Numbers
8.3    Types of Index Numbers
8.4    Construction of Index Numbers
8.5    Cost of Living Index Number
8.6    Uses of Cost of Living Index Number


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