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Std XI

Authors: V.D. Sarlashakar, A.S. Bhave, R.G. Limaye, Dr. Aruna Awasarikar
(English Language)
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This text book of Chemistry is written according to the revised syllabus prepared by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.

This innovative text is organized in a way that discourages rote memorization. The main aim is to emphasize what functional groups do rather than how they are made, highlighting mechanistic similarities and tying synthesis and reactivity together.

This textbook is noteworthy in that its language is easily understandable, and its numerous illustrations and well-crafted design offer students an easier introduction to chemistry. In all the chapters, the level of detail corresponds to the needs of beginning students.

The aim of this book is that students should understand the fundamentals and relationships that can be applied in principle even to complicated reactions.

The subject matter is presented in a simple and lucid manner. There are ample diagrams, charts and tables included to explain concepts better. Illustrative Numerical problems, chemical formulas, chemical equations are included for the convenience of students. Exercise and unsolved numerical problems are given for each chapter for students to practice.