सहकार Sahakar
  • सहकार Sahakar

सहकार Sahakar (Co-operation)

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Standard - XI

Author: व्ही. यु. बडे, डॉ. सी. एम. जोशी, ए. एम. जगदाळे

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Co-operatives are autonomous associations formed and democratically directed by people who come together to meet common economic, social, and cultural needs. Co-operatives are founded on the principle of participatory governance; co-operatives are governed by those who use their services i.e.  their members.

The book covers all basic aspects of the study of the social and economic aspect of Co-operative movement, types of co-operatives; the Co-operative structure in Maharashtra, role of co-operatives and their formation.

In the end of the chapter summary of the entire chapter is given, which will help the students to remember important aspects. Exercise includes all the questions that can be asked from examination point of view.

This Text book on Sahakar is according to the new syllabus of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.