Taxonomy of Angiosperms & Plant Ecology



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2014 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Taxonomy of Angiosperms & Plant Ecology

SY BSc Sem-I

Author : Dr. Hema Sane, Dr. Savita Rahangdale, Dr. Sanjaykumar Rahangdale

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ISBN : 978-93-5016-269-9

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About the Book

Taxonomy is one of the oldest biological disciplines. The general principles and aims of taxonomy are explained in a comprehensive manner in this book. The book gives a critical account of the important systems of classification and salient features of the system of taxonomy of angiosperms. The important rules of plant nomenclature and various codes of nomenclature are given in detail. The use of computer in taxonomy has also been explained which is gaining prominence.

Neat labeled diagrams, tables, charts and illustrations, tabular classifications are included which will help students in better understanding of the subject. Topics are written in point form so that students can grasp and understand all topics. Taxonomy should be well understood by the students which will help them in their future endeavors.

Exercise questions and Past University questions are included for each chapter for the benefit of students.


1. Introduction to Plant Taxonomy

1. What is Taxonomy?   

2. Identification, Nomenclature and Classification   

3. Concept of Systematics    

2. Systems of Classification

1. What is Classification?   

2. Different Systems of Classification   

3. Artificial System of Classification by Linnaeus   

4. Natural System of Classification by Bentham and Hooker's System     

5. Phylogenetic Systems

3. Taxonomic Literature

1. Taxonomic Literature - Why?     

4. Sources of Data for Plant Systematics

1. Sources of Data

2. Morphology    

3. Anatomy 

4. Cytology

5. Embryology    

6. Phytochemistry

7. Molecular Biology   

5. Botanical Nomenclature

1. ICBN    

2. Binomial Nomenclature

3. Ranks and Ending of Taxa Names (Arts 1-5)

6. Study of Plant Families

1. Key to Families     

2. Annonaceae    

3. Meliaceae     

4. Myrtaceae     

5. Rubiaceae     

6. Asclepiadaceae

7. Solanaceae    

8. Euphorbiaceae 

9. Amaryllidaceae

10. Classification of Dicotyledon  

7. Computer in Taxonomy

1. History and Concept of Herbarium

2. Why e-Herbaria? - Need of Time  

3. Data Bases: Concept and Need    

4. Use of Computer in Plant Classification     

8. Introduction to Ecology

1. Introduction  

2. Concept of Ecology  

3. Aspects of Ecology (Autecology and Synecology)    

4. Importance of Ecology     

5. Ecosystem and its Components    

6. Food Chain - Who eats Whom?     

7.  Food Web     

8. Ecological Pyramids 

9. Ecological Grouping of the Plants

1. Introduction  

2. Schimper's Classification 

3. Hydrophytes   

4. Mesophytes    

5. Xerophytes    

6. Halophytes    

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