Operations Research



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Operations Research

SY BSc Computers Semester-II

Author : Arun Pandhari

Book ID : 1627

Edition : 1st 2015

ISBN : 978-93-5016-296-5

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1. Modeling with Linear Programming

1. Introduction  

2. Two Variable L.P. Model   

3. Graphical LP Solution     

4. Linear Programming Applications

2. The Simplex Method

1. Introduction  

2. L.P. Model in Equation Form     

3. Transition from Graphical to Algebraic Solution   

4. The Simplex Method  

5. Artificial Starting Solution    

6. Special Cases in Simplex Method

3. Duality 

1. Introduction  

2. Definition of the Dual Problem  

3. Primal–Dual Relationships 

4. Transportation Model and It’s Variants

1. Introduction  

2. Definition of the Transportation Problems       

3. The Transportation Algorithm  

4. The Assignment Model (Hungarian Method) 

5. Decision Analysis and Games

1. Introduction  

2. Optimal Solution of Two-Person, Zero-Sum Games    

3. Solution of Mixed Strategy Games 20

4. Graphical Method for Solving

5. Subgames

6. Principle of Dominance and Solving Some Simple Games

7. Presentation of Game Problem by L.P.P.

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