Introduction to Web Technology



According to new reveised syllabus w.e.f. 2017-18

BCA (Science) Semester-IV

Introduction to Web Technology

Author : Rajinder J. Arora

Book ID : 1755

ISBN : 978-93-5016-415-0

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1 Introduction to Web Technologies   

1. Introduction

2. How the Website Works? 

3. Clients- Servers and Communication

4. Client and Server Scripting Languages   

5. Internet-Basic, Internet Protocols (HTTP, FTP, IP) 

6. World Wide Web (WWW)   

7. HTTP Request Message, HTTP Response Message  

8. Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)

2. Advance HTML Tags

1. Introduction

2. HTML Tags   

3. Embedding Audio and Video    

4. Introduction to Elements of HTML  

5. Working with Text 

6. Working with Lists, Tables and Frames   

7. Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia     

8. Working with Forms and Controls   

9. Concept of CSS, Types of CSS 

10.Creating Style Sheet 

3. JAVA Script 

1. Introduction to Client Side Scripting   

2. Introduction to Java Script  

3. Identifier and Operator, Control Structure   

4. Using Functions   

5. Document Object Model (DOM)  

6. DOM Objects (window, navigator, history, location) 

7. Predefined Functions, Math and String Functions    

8. Array in Java scripts  

9. Event Handling in Java Scripts

4. Arrays in PHP

1. Introduction

2. Indexed vs Associative Arrays

3. Identifying Elements of an Array  

4. Multidimensional Arrays

5. Extracting Multiple Values   

6. Converting between Arrays and Variables 

7. Traversing Arrays 

8. Sorting

9. Action on Entire Arrays

10.Using Arrays

5. Functions in PHP  

1. Introduction

2. Calling a Function

3. Defining a Function    

4. Function Parameters    

5. Return Values

6. Variable Functions

7. Anonymous Functions


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