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Information Security & audit

BI 1550


A Text book of


Information Security & Audit


Author: Sopan Aghav


BI: 1550

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1. Introduction to Information Security  

1. Introduction     

2. History and Evolution of Information Security CIA Triangle 

3. Components of Information Security (IS)  

4. Steps for Developing ISMS    

2. Need of Information Security    

1. Introduction     

2. Threats to Information Security, Risk to Information Systems     

3. Information Security In Organization, Introduction To Cyber Crimes And Attacks     

4. Information Security Policy, Policy Definition and Security Life Cycle 

3. Information Security Policy and Standards   

1. Security Principles    

2. Types of Information Security Policies- Administrative and Technical   

3. A Structure and Framework of Compressive Security Policy   

4. Security Policy Standards and Practices  

4. Domains of IT Security    

1. Introduction     

2. Various Security Policies    

3. E-mail and Digital Signature 

4. Outsourcing

5. Software Development and Acquisition     

6. Network and Telecom    

7. BCP and DRP

8. Security Organization Structure    

9. Domains Related Security Based Case Studies    


1. What is IT Governance, Good Governance, Objectives………

2. IT Governance Framework – COBIT, ITIL………..

6. Auditing Concepts   

1. Introduction

2. Information System Audit (ISA)

3. Auditing Technique     

7. Controls

1. Controls   

2. Evidence Collection    

3. Evaluation and Reporting Methodologies   

8. Ethical Hacking     

1. Introduction     

2. What are “Ethics”? 

3. Ethical Hacking      

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