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Web Technologies

BI 1468


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2013 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of

Web Technologies


Author : S. Patil, S. Ponde

Book ID : 1468

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1. HTML and CSS  

1. HTML    

2. Style Sheet   

2. JavaScript    

1. Client Side Scripting     

2. Server Side Scripting     

3. Introduction to JavaScript

4. Data Types and Literals   

5. Operators     

6. Control Structures and Looping  

7. User Defined Functions    

8. Predefined Functions

9. Arrays  

10. Document Object Model (DOM)    

11. DOM Objects  

12. Window Object

13. Navigator Object

14. History Object     

15. Location Object    

16. Core Language Objects    

17. Event Handling in JavaScript   

18. Form Objects and Validation on Forms 

3. jQuery and AJAX     

1. Introduction to jQuery    

2. Anatomy of jQuery Script  

3. Traversing the DOM  

4. Selecting Elements With jQuery  

5. Refining and Filtering Selections

6. Selecting Form Elements   

7. Working with Selection – Chaining, Getters and Setters  

8. CSS Styling and Dimensions

9. Manipulating Elements     

10. Manipulating Attributes  

11. Utility Methods    

12. Events 

13. Animating Effects  

14. Plugins

15. jQuery UI and Forms

16. AJAX Overview, jQuery’s AJAX related methods, AJAX and Forms, AJAX Events

4. Apache HTTP Server  

1. Concept of Web Server     

2. Editing httpd.conf Configuration file, configuration Directives in  httpd.conf  

3. Add Site to /etc/hosts file, DocumentRoot, ErrorLog, Listen, Directory, Files, Location, Redirect, Virtual Hosts, Modules   

4. Creating .htaccess, .htpasswd file,Configuring  httpd.conf to allow authentication via .htaccess  

5. Secure Web Server   

5. XML     

1. Introduction to XML 

2. Features of XML     

3. XML and CSS Using XML     

4. Data Source Object (DSO)  

5. DTD and Schemas     

6. XML Namespaces

7. XSL Transformation (XSLT) 

8. SAX and DOM Parsers 

9. Introduction to SOAP


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