Management Information System & Business Intelligence

BI 1449


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2012 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

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Management System Information System & Business Intelligence 


Author : Deepak Morris

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1.   System and Information Concepts

1. General Systems Model     

2. Types of Systems    

3. Subsystems    

4. Feedback Control    

5. Organizational Structure and Function 

6. Systems Approach to Organization

7. Law of requisite variety  

8. Control by Exception

9. Information Concepts

10. Quality of Information   


2.   Management Information System

1. Meaning and Definitions   

2. Role of MIS   

3. MIS and Other Academic Disciplines    

4. Structure of MIS based on Management Activity and Functions   

5. Systems Concept of MIS    


3.   Decision Making Systems, Modeling and Analysis

1. Decision Making Definition and Concept

2. Phases of Decision Making Process     

3. Modeling Process    

4. Static and Dynamic Models 

5. Sensitivity Analysis

6. Heuristic Programming     

7. Simulation    

4.   Decision Support System

1. Definition of Decision Support System 

2. Characteristics and Capabilities of DSS     

3. Application of DSS  

4. Case: Google Analytics    


5.  Expert System

1. Basic Concepts of Expert System 

2. Expert System Architecture

3. How Expert Systems Work   

4. Expert System Applications

5. Comparison    

6. Mycin: Case Study   


6.   Executive Information and Support Systems

1. Enterprise and Executive Information Systems – Concept and Definition     

2. Enterprise and Executive Support System – Concept and Definition    

3. Need for Executive Information Systems

4. Characteristics of Executive Information Systems  

5. Integrated EIS and DSS    

6. EIS Implementation  


7.   Business Intelligence

1. Problems faced by corporate bodies    

2. Data Mart, Data Warehousing and Mining, Data Visualisation and Presentation     

3. Designing a Physical Database   

4. Deploying and Supporting the BW/BI System   

5. BI Architecture: Spreadsheets, OLAP, Decision Engineering, LIS

6. BI Tools – Concept of Dashboard 

7. BI Applications in various domains    

8. BI Analytics  

9. Introduction to XLMiner   

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