Software Engineering



As per revised Syllabus of Pune University for MCA

Software Engineering

Author: Ravi Patki, Pradnya Kashikar

ISBN : 978-93-5016-346-7

Book ID : 1685

Edition : 1st 2015

Solved Question Papers upto 2013 October

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1. Overview of Systems Analysis and Design     

1. System Concepts     

2. Categories of Information Systems     

3. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

4. Different Approaches and Models for System Development  

5. The Role and Task of System Analyst   

6. Skills required for a Good Software Analyst 

2. Software Requirements Specification Techniques    

1. Activities in Requirement Determination     

2. Requirement Anticipation  

3. Requirement Investigation 

4. Requirement Specification 

5. Solved Case Study

3. Information Requirement Analysis

1. Decision Analysis Tools   

2. Functional Decomposition Diagram (FDD)

3. Process Modeling with Data Flow Diagrams    

4. Entity Relationship Diagram: Identify Entity and Relationship 

5. Data Dictionary     

6. Solved Case Study

4. Designing Of Input, Output And Program

1. System Design 

2. Design of Input and Control     

3. Design of Output    

4. User Interface Design     

5. Design of Program Specifications

6. Solved Case Study

5. Maintenance

1. Introduction  

2. Why We Need Software Maintenance

3. Types of Maintenance

4. Maintenance Cost    

5. Introduction to Legacy Systems  

6. Reverse Engineering 

7. Documentation

6. CASE Tools

1. Introduction to Case Tools

2. Types of CASE Tools 

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Tools

7. Current Trends in Software Engineering

1. Introduction  

2. Software Engineering for Projects and Products    

3. Web Engineering

4. Agile Process

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