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Engineering Mathematics

BI 1350


Engineering Mathematics


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1. Function

1.1 Definition of Function

1.2 Types of Function

1.3 Intervals

2. Limits

2.1 Definition of Limit

2.2 Properties of Limits

3. Derivatives

3.1 Concept of Derivatives

3.2 Derivatives of Standard Functions by I Principle

3.3 Laws of Differentiation

3.4 Derivatives of Composite Functions (Chain Rule) 3-28

3.5 Derivatives of Inverse and Inverse Trignometric Functions

3.6 Derivatives of Implicit Function

3.7 Logarithmic Differentiation

3.8 Derivatives of Parametric Functions

3.9 Derivatives of One Function w. r. t. Another Function

3.10 Second Order Differentiation

4. Applications of Derivatives

4.1 Geometrical Meaning of Derivative

4.2 Maxima and Minima

4.3 Radius of Curvature

5. Statistics

5.1 Measure of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode for Ungrouped and Grouped Frequency Distribution

5.2 Graphical Representation

5.3 Measure of Dispersion

6. Complex Number

6.1 Definition of Complex Number

6.2 Algebra of Complex Number

6.3 De-Moivrs theorem (Without Proof)

6.4 Euler’s Form of circular Functions

7. Numerical Solution of Algebraic Equation

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Bisection Method

7.3 Regula Falsi Method

7.4 Newton – Rapson Method

8. Numerical Solution of Algebraic Equation

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Elimination Method-Gauss Elimination Method

8.3 Gauss – Seidel Method (Iterative Methods)

8.4 Jacobi’s Method

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Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics


Free Sample Chapter

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