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German Lets Learn It

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German Lets Learn It

Aninach Biniewala

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1. Lets start at the very beginning

(Scripts and German - Schriften und Deutsch)

2.When you know your abc....

(German alphabet - Deutsche Buchstaben)

3. You can read most anything

(Pronunciation - Aussprache)

4. How to spell my name in German?

(Spellings - Buchstabieren)

5. Curiosity

(Interogative pronoun - Fragepronomin)

6. Yes sir! No sir!

(Immediate responces - ja, nein, doch)

7. He, you and I

(Personal pronous - Personalpronomina)

8. Whats there in the name

(Substantive - Substantive)

9. Importance of place

(Casus - Kasus)

10. Me, to me, mine and of me....

(Personal pronoins - Akku./Dat./Gen.von Personalpronomen)

11. My, mine and ours....

(Possessive pronouns/adjs - Possesivepronomen/Adjektive)

12. To be or not to be?

(to be, to have, to become - sein, haben, werden)

13. Time is great

(Idea of tences - Tempora)