Software Architecture

BI 661


According to Syllabus w.e.f. 2006 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Software Architecture

M.Sc. Computer Science (Pune)

Author : Sagar Babar

Book ID : 661

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1.  The Big Picture How it all fits in?            

1.1 UML The Notation                              

1.2 Modeling Techniques In UML                     

1.3 Process ® Unified Process/ Rational Unified Process Inception, Elaboration, Construction,.....

1.4 How Various Components Fit in the Life Cycle               

1.5 The Artifacts At End of Each Process/Discipline            


2.  Software Architecture                                

2.1 What Software Architecture is and what it is Not?    

2.2 Why Is Architecture Important?                       

2.3 Architecture Description Languages                  

2.4 Architecture History                                 


3.  Architectural Styles                                 

3.1 Architectural Styles                                 

3.2 Pipes And Filters                                    

3.3 Data Abstraction And Object Oriented Organization    

3.4 Event-Based, Implicit Invocation                     

3.5 Layered Systems                                      

3.6 Repositories                                         

3.7 Interpreters                                         

3.8 Other Familiar Architectures                        

3.9 Heterogeneous Architectures                          


4.  Patterns                                             

4.1 What Is A Pattern And Design Pattern                 

4.2 What Makes Design Pattern?                           

4.3 Describing Design Patterns                           

4.4 Pattern Categories And Relationships Between Patterns

4.5 Organizing The Catalog                              

4.6 Patterns And Software Architecture                  


5.  Study of Design Patterns                             

5.1 Creational Patterns                                  

5.2 Structural Patterns                                  

5.3 Behavioral Patterns                                  

5.4 General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns  


6.  Study of Frameworks                                  

6.1 Introduction                                         

6.2 Model-View Controller (MVC)                          

6.3 Use Of Front Controller and Service To Worker Patterns

6.4 Configuration                                        

6.5 Web Application                                     

6.6 Validation Framework                                 

6.7 What Is A Framework?                                 

6.8 Web Architecture Overview                            

6.9 Strengths And Weaknesses Of Struts


7.  Components                                                             

7.1 Introduction                                                           

7.2 Concepts Related To Components                                         

7.3 Development Using Components And Component As Unit Of Development      

7.4 Different Approaches To Components                                    


8.  The Case Study               

8.1 Case Study                  

8.2 Analysis And Design          

8.3 Design Patterns

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