Plant Resource Management and Utilisation-II (Term II)

BI 882


Plant Resource Management and Utilisation-II

Includes: Flower Arrangement, Biocontrol, Phytoremediation, Bioprospecting, Forest as Potential Resource, Plant Resources used in Cosmetics, Aromatics and Pharmaceutics

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1. Flower Arrangement

1.1 Introduction     

1.2 Principles of flowers arrangement  

1.3 Basic points for flower arrangement

1.4 Types of flower arrangement  

1.5 Factors affecting vase life  

1.6 Materials required for flower arrangements     

1.7 Flower arrangement as a business   

2. Biocontrol 

2.1 Introduction     

2.2 Sources of biocontrol OR biocontrol agents     

2.3 Advantages of biological control   

2.4 Important commercial products

2.5 Bio control as agrobusiness

3. Phytoremediation

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Concept and principals 

3.3 Plant population for phytoremediation processes

3.4 Phytoremediation strategies  

3.5 Applications     

4. Bioprospecting   

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Concept and scope

4.3 Biochemical resources from plants and fungi    

4.4 Untapped plant resources as potential resources

4.5 Sea weeds as a potential resource  

4.6 Applications     

5. Forest as Potential Resource 

5.1 Introduction and scope 

5.2 Major forest produce and their uses

5.3 Minor forest produce and their uses

6. Plant Resources used in Cosmetics, Aromatics and Pharmaceutics   

6.1 Introduction and scope 

6.2 Herbal preparations    

6.3 Methods of extraction  

6.4 Plants used in cosmetics, aromatics and pharmaceutics-parts used, products and uses

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