Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (Term II)

BI 874


Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Includes: Alkenes, Dienes and Alkynes, Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes, Alcohols and Etheres, Benzene and its Reactions, Phenols, Chemistry of S-Block Elements, Chemistry of Noble Gases

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1. Alkenes, Dienes and  Alkynes

1.1 Alkenes    

1.2 Dienes     

1.3 Alkynes    

2. Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes

2.1 Introduction     

2.2 Classification of halogen derivatives    

2.3 Structure of alkyl halides   

2.4 Classification of alkyl halides    

2.5 Nomenclature of alkyl halides

2.6 Physical properties of alkyl halides     

2.7 Preparation of alkyl halides 

2.8 Reactions of alkyl halides   

2.9 Analysis of alkyl halides    

3. Alcohols and Etheres

3.1 Alcohos

3.2 Ethers     

4. Benzene and its Reactions

4.1 Aliphatic and aromatic compounds   

4.2 Structure of benzene   

4.3 Stability of benzene ring    

4.4 Reactions of benzene   

4.5 Aromatic character (Huckel Rule)   

4.6 Nomenclature of benzene derivatives

5. Phenols

5.1 Introduction     

5.2 Nomenclature     

5.3 Physical properties    

5.4 Preparations of phenols

5.5 Reactions of phenol    

5.6 Analysis of phenol     

6. Chemistry of S-Block Elements

6.1 Introduction     

6.2 Position of S-block elements in periodic table 

6.3 Group IA elements or alkali elements     

6.4 Group iia elements or alkaline earth metals    

7. Chemistry of Noble Gases

7.1 Introduction     

7.2 Position in the periodic table     

7.3 Occurrence 

7.4 Physical properties    

7.5 Applications of noble gases  

7.6 Chemical properties of noble gases 

7.7 Chemistry of xenon     

7.8 Reactions of xenon fluorides 

7.9 Structure and bonding in xenon compounds 

7.10 Structures of xenon compounds with oxygen

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