Electricity and Magnetism (Term II)

BI 891


Electricity and Magnetism

Includes: Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Magnetic Properties of Materials, Transient Current

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1. Electrostatics


1.1 Coulomb’s law   

1.2 Superposition principle

1.3 Energy of system of charges  

1.4 Concept of electric field    

2. Dielectrics

2.1 Electric dipole  

2.2 Dielectric materials   

3. Magnetostatics   

3.1 Introduction     

3.2 Concept of magentic field

3.3 Revision of biot-savart’s law    

3.4 Ampere’s circuital law 

3.5 Magnetic field lines and magnetic flux   

4. Magnetic Properties of Materials   

4.1 Bohr magneton

4.2 Magnetic induction

4.3 Magnetization-magnetic susceptibility and magnetic permeability

4.4 Relation between ...      

4.5 Classification of magnetic materials     

4.6 Hysteresis 

5. Transient Current

5.1 Transient current

5.2 Growth of current in an inductive (IR) circuit 

5.3 Decay of current in L-R circuit   

5.4 Charging of capacitor 

5.5 Discharging of capacitor

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