Organisational Behaviour

BI 1091


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2008 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Organisational Behaviour

BCA (Pune) Sem-II

Author : Dr. Ahmad Umar Khan

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1.Fundamentals of organizational behavior30
1.2 Organizational Behaviour Definitions and Concept1-1
1.3 Scope and Utility of Organizational Behaviour1-3
1.4Goals of Organizational Behaviour1-5
1.5 Fundamental Concepts of Organizational Behaviour1-5
1.6 Contributing Disciplines to the Organizational Behaviour Field or Fundamental Concepts of Organizational Behaviour1-7
1.7 Different Models or Theories of Organizational Behaviour1-10
1.8 Interpretation of Different Models1-14
1.9 The S-O-B-C Model1-16
1.10Emerging Aspects of Organizational Behavior1-17
2.Attitude Values and Motivation34
2.2Effects of employee attitudes2-5
2.3Personal and Organizational Values2-7
2.4Job Satisfaction2-10
2.5 Meaning of the term ‘Motivation'2-12
3.1 Personality3-1
3.3 Determinants of Personality3-2
3.4 Theories of Personality3-5
3.5The Myers - Briggs Framework3-9
3.6Major Traits Influencing Organizational Behaviour3-11
3.7 Personality and Organization3-14
4.Work Stress16
4.1 Stress: Definitions and Concept4-1
4.2Symptoms of Stress4-2
4.3 Sources of Stress (Causes of Stress)4-4
4.5 Consequences of Job Stress (Stages and Effects of Stress)4-7
4.6 Relationship between Performance and Stress4-8
4.7Stress Management4-9
5.Group Behavior and leadership52
5.1What is a Group?5-1
5.3Definitions of the term “Leadership”5-16
6.Conflict in organizations22
6.1Conflict Management6-1
6.2 The Process of Conflict6-5
6.3 Sources of Conflict6-6
6.4Levels of Conflict6-8
6.5 Types of Conflicts6-11
6.6Effects of conflict6-14
6.7Resolution of Conflict6-18
6.8Conflict Handling Modes / Strategies for Conflict Resolution6-20
6.9 Conflict Resolution Techniques6-22
Solved Question Paper20

1.Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior


1.2 Organizational behaviour definitions and concept

1.3 Scope and utility of organizational behaviour

1.4Goals of organizational behaviour

1.5 Fundamental concepts of organizational behaviour

1.6 Contributing disciplines to the organizational behaviour field or fundamental concepts of organizational behaviour

1.7 Different models or theories of organizational behaviour

1.8 Interpretation of different models

1.9 The S-O-B-C model

1.10Emerging aspects of organizational behavior

2.Attitude Values and Motivation


2.2Effects of employee attitudes

2.3Personal and organizational values

2.4Job satisfaction

2.5 Meaning of the term ‘Motivation'


3.1 Personality


3.3 Determinants of personality

3.4 Theories of personality

3.5The myers - briggs framework

3.6Major traits influencing organizational behaviour

3.7 Personality and organization

4.Work Stress

4.1 Stress: Definitions and concept

4.2Symptoms of stress

4.3 Sources of stress (Causes of Stress)4-4


4.5 Consequences of job stress (Stages and Effects of Stress)

4.6 Relationship between performance and stress

4.7Stress management

5.Group Behavior and Leadership

5.1What is a group?


5.3Definitions of the term “Leadership”

6.Conflict in Organizations

6.1Conflict management

6.2 The process of conflict

6.3 Sources of conflict

6.4Levels of conflict

6.5 Types of conflicts

6.6Effects of conflict

6.7Resolution of conflict

6.8Conflict handling modes / strategies for conflict resolution

6.9 Conflict resolution techniques

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