Heat and Thermodynamics (Term II)

BI 889


Heat and Thermodynamics

Includes: Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics, Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy, Heat Engines and Refrigerators, Equation of State and Thermodynamic Relations, Thermometry

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1. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

1.1 Introduction 

1.2 Limitations of thermodynamics 

1.3 Basic definitions 

1.4 Macroscopic and microscopic variables

1.5 Thermodynamic state of a system 

1.6 Thermal equilibrium-the zeroth law of thermodynamics 

1.7 Heat and internal energy 

1.8 Concept of internal energy  

1.9 Equation of state 

1.10 Indicator diagram 

1.11 Heat capacity

1.12 Specific heat

1.13 Thermodynamic process-isothermal,. . . . .  

1.14 First law of thermodynamics 

1.15 Adiabatic relations of system for perfect gas  

1.16 Work done in an isothermal change

1.17 Work done during an adiabatic change 

1.18 Slopes of adiabatics and isothermals 

1.19 Reversible irreversible changes (Processes) 

1.20 Distinguish between 

1.21 Relation between adiabatic and isothermal elasticities

2. Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy

2.1 Work and heat (Conversion)  

2.2 Reversible and irreversible process

2.3 Examples of irreversible processes

2.4 Carnot’s cycle, carnot’s heat engine and it’s efficiency

2.5 Second law of thermodynamics

2.6 Carnot’s theorem

2.7 Entropy  

2.8 Principle of increase in entropy

2.9 Entropy changes for ideal gas  

3. Heat Engines and Refrigerators

3.1 Intorduction 

3.2 Heat engines 

3.3 Internal combustion engines 

3.4 Comparison between diesel engine and otto engine 

3.5 Refrigerator 

3.6 Principle of a refrigerator 

3.7 Coefficient of performance (COP)

3.8 The carnot refrigerator

3.9 Simple structure of refrigerator

3.10 Air conditioning

3.11 Factors affecting size and capacity of A.C. machines

3.12 Comfort chart

4. Equation of State and Thermodynamic Relations

4.1 Equation of state 

4.2 Andrew’s experiment 

4.3 Amagat’s experiment 

4.4 Vander waal’s equation of state

4.5 Reduced equation of state

4.6 Thermodynamic functions    

5. Thermometry    

5.1 Introduction 

5.2 Principles of thermometry

5.3 Types of thermometers


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