Mechanics (Term I)

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Includes: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work and Energy, Surface Tension, Viscosity and Fluid Mechanics

According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2009 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

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1. Kinematics

1.1 Displacement, time and average velocity  

1.2 Instantaneous velocity 

1.3 Average and instantaneous accelerations  

1.4 Motion with constant acceleration  

1.5 Freely falling bodies  

1.6 Velocity and position by integration     

1.7 Position and velocity vectors

1.8 The acceleration vector

2. Newton’s Laws of Motion

2.1 Newton’s first Law of motion and its application     

3. Work and Energy  

3.1 Introduction     

3.2 Energy and kinetic energy    

3.3 Work and work energy theorem 

3.4 Calculation of work done with constant force and variable force  

3.5 Potential energy 

3.6 Mechanical energy and conservation of mechanical energy    

3.7 Conservative and non-conservative forces 

3.8 Change in the potential energy in a rigid body motion

3.9 Mass energy equivalence

4. Surface Tension  

4.1 Surface tension  

4.2 Rise of liquid in capillary tube   

4.3 Rise of liquid in a conical capillary tube     

4.4 Energy required to raise a liquid in capillary tube  

4.5 Rise of liquid between two parallel plates     

4.6 Factors affecting surface tension  

4.7 Jaeger’s method to determine surface tension of a liquid   

4.8 Applications of surface tension    

5. Viscosity and Fluid Mechanics

5.1 Pressure in fluid

5.2 Pressure and depth     

5.3 Buoyancy and archimedes principle  

5.4 Atmospheric pressure and barometer 

5.5 Pressure difference and buoyant force in accelerating fluids     

5.6 Flow of fluids   

5.7 Bernoulli’s principle  

5.8 Applications of bernoulli’s equation    

5.9 Aerodynamics

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