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Web Services



According to new reveised syllabus w.e.f. 2014 for Masters of Computer Science (M.Sc.) 

Web Services

Author : Rajinder Arora

Book ID : 1743

ISBN : 978-93-5016-401-3

Edition: 1st 2017

Solved Question Papers upto 2016

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1. Web Service and SOA Fundamentals

1. Introduction

2. Web Services Versus Web Based Implementation

3. Characteristics of Web Services

4. Service Interface and Implementation

5. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

6. Quality of Service(QoS)

7. Web Service Interoperability (WS-I)

8. Web Services Versus Components

9. Restful Services

10.Impact and Shortcomings of Web Services

2. Web Services Architecture

1. Introduction

2. Web Services Architecture and Its Characteristics

3. Core Building Blocks of Web Services

4. Standards and Technologies For Implementing Web Services

5. Web Services Communication Models

6. Basic Steps of Implementing Web Services

7. Developing Web Services- Enabled Applications

8. Packaging and Deploying the Service

3. SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

1. Introduction

2. Inter Application Communication and Wire Protocols

3. Structure of a SOAP Message

4. SOAP Communication Model

5. Building SOAP Web Services

6. Developing SOAP Web Services Using Java

7. Error Handling in SOAP

8. Advantages and Disadvantages of SOAP

4. Describing and Discovering Web Services

1. Introduction

2. Web Service Life Cycle

3. WSDL Bindings

4. WSDL Tools

5. Limitations of WSDL

6. Service Discovery


8. Searching Information in a UDDI Registry

9. Deleting Information in a UDDI Registry

5. Emerging Trends: Cloud Computing

1. Introduction

2. What is Cloud Computing?

3. SOA Meets the Cloud

4. Virtualization

5. VMware Workstation Features

6. Multi-tenancy

7. Architecture Model for Cloud Computing

8. Case Study: Use Cloud Computing Services

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