Business Intelligence



According to new reveised syllabus w.e.f. 2014 for Masters of Computer Science (M.Sc.) 

Business Intelligence

Author : Anshy Vyas

Book ID : 1742

ISBN : 978-93-5016-400-6

Edition: 1st 2017

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1. Introduction to Business Intelligence

1. Business Intelligence

2. Transaction Processing Versus Analytical Processing

3. Business Intelligence Implementation

4. Techniques Used in BI

5. Categories of BI Analytics Tools

6. Most Popular Business Intelligence Tools

7. Benefits of BI

8. Major Disadvantages of Business Intelligence

2. Data Warehousing

1. Data Warehousing

2. Data Warehousing Concepts

3. Building / Development of a Data Warehouse

4. Functionality of Data Warehouses

5. Benefits of Data Warehousing

6. Data Warehouse Architectures

7. Data Integration

8. ETL in Data Warehouses

9. Top Down vs. Bottom up Data Warehousing

10.Data Mart vs. EDW

11.Implementation Issues

12.Real-Time Data Warehousing

3. Business Performance Management

1. Performance Management

2. Strategize a BI Implementation

3. Key Performance Indicators

4. KPI Components

5. Characteristics of KPI

6. Development of KPI

7. Operational Metrics

8. Balanced Scorecard

9. Six Sigma

10.Dashboards and Scorecards at a Glance

4. Data Mining For Business Intelligence

1. Introduction to Data Mining

2. Goals of Data Mining

3. Data Mining Process

4. Data Mining Process Model

5. Taxonomy of Data Mining Methods

6. Data Mining Methods

7. Artificial Neural Networks for Data Mining

8. Neural Network Based Data Mining

9. Developing Neural Network–Based Systems

5. Text and Web Mining For Business Intelligence

1. Text Mining

2. NLP

3. Text Mining Process

4. Text Mining Techniques

5. Text Mining Tools

6. Text Mining Applications

7. Merits and Demerits

8. Web Mining

9. Web Content Mining

10.Web Content Mining Techniques

11.Web Usage Mining

12.Web Structure Mining

6. BI Implementation, Integration and Emerging Trends

1. Definition and Concept

2. Business Application Life Cycle

3. Need of BI Integration

4. Connecting BI to Enterprise Systems

5. On-Demand Business Intelligence

6. Issues of Legality, Privacy and Ethics for Business Intelligence

7. Emerging Trends in Business Intelligence

8. Social Networking and BI

9. Collaborative Decision-Making

10.RFID Technology within Business Intelligence

11.Case study

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