Environmental Biology and Biotechnology

BI 1238


Environmental Biology & Biotechnology

According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2008 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

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1. Basic Ecological Concepts and Principles 

1.1 Our environment: Geological consideration

1.2 Scope of ecology 

1.3 Development and evolution of ecosystem   

1.4 Principles and concepts of ecosystem     

1.5 Energy transfer in an ecosystem    

1.6 Principles pertaining limiting factors   

1.7 Bio-geochemical cycles (N, C, P Cycles)  

2. Pollution and Environmental Health 

2.1 Introduction     

2.2 Soil pollution   

2.3 Water pollution  

2.4 Air pollution    

2.5 Food pollution   

2.6 Detection of environmental pollutant

2.7 Indicators and detection systems   

2.8 Biotransformation plastic, aromatics, hazardous waste

2.9 Environment cleanup: (Case Studies)

3. Environmental Biotechnologies

3.1 Introduction     

3.2 Biotechnology in protection and preservation of environment

3.3 Bioremediation   

3.4 Waste disposal

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