Communication Skills



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2016-17 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of

Communication Skills

BCA (Under Science Faculty) Sem-I

Author : Kalpana N. Deshmukh

Book ID : 1726

Solved Question papers upto 2018 October

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1. Introduction to Communication    

1. Introduction

2. Meaning of Communication    

3. Definition of Communication 

4. Communication Process  

5. Principles of Effective Communication  

6. Scope of Business Communication - Internal and External

7. Barriers to Communication, Overcoming the Barriers

2. Listening Skills 

1. Theory and Definition  

2. Types of Listening

3. Tips/Techniques for Effective Listening

4. Academic Listening (Lecturing)   

5. Listening to Talks and Presentations   

6. Listening to Radio and Television

3. Telephone Skills 

1. Basics of Telephone Communication

2. How to Handle Calls-Telephone Manners  

3. Leaving a Message

4. Making Requests  

5. Greeting and Leave Taking Over Phone (Etiquette) 

6. Asking for and Giving Information

7. Giving Instructions    

8. Listening Skills for Handling Various Situations

4. Career Skills    

1. Introduction

2. Applying for Job 

3. Cover Letters    

4. Resume and Effective Profiling   

5. Interviews  

6. Group Discussions

5. Writing Skills

1. Introduction

2. Standard Business Letter    

3. Report Writing   

4. Email Drafting and Etiquettes    

5. Preparing Agenda and Writing Minutes of Meetings 

6. Making Notes on Business Conversations 

7. Effective use of SMS and Case writing and Documentation

6. Soft Skills

1. Introduction

2. Empathy (Understanding of someone else’s point of view)

3. Intrapersonal skills   

4. Interpersonal Skills   

5. Problem Solving  

6. Reflective Thinking, Critical Thinking 

7. Negotiation Skills

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