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द्रव्यगुणविज्ञान Dravyagunvigyan




(Marathi Language)

प्रा.  डॉ .  अ.  पां.  देशपांडे

प्रा.  डॉ . र. रा. जवळगेकर

प्रा.  डॉ . सुभाष रानडे

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In Ayurveda, the science of herbal medicine is called Dravyagunavighyan or the “science of the attributes of substances”. Dravyaguna is the science which deals with the Guna (principle) and Karma (action) of a drug. This book includes important subjects of Ayurvedic diagnosis and pathology, Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurvedic medicines.

The book is as per syllabus of 2nd year BAMS students of CCIM and MUHS Nasik and is beneficial for students of graduation and post graduation.

The book is divided in 2 parts; in the first part 105 substances have been explained. The benefits of these properties, their benefits have been explained.  Relevant Shloks and their explanation are also given as required. The book is very detailed; however the authors have given descriptions and details only as required so that students can grasp all the topics easily.

The second part of the book is dedicated to Aushadhi Vanaspati. 239 Medicinal plants and their detailed description are given, usage, properties and benefits have been given.

Colour photographs for the majority of the medicinal plants are given in this book.  English meaning of important terms are also given.

The authors are having thorough knowledge of the subject matter and are practicing Ayurvedic Doctors.

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