Plant Physiology
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  • Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology

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According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2014 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Plant Physiology

SY BSc Sem-I

Author : Dr. Hema Sane, Dr. Savita Rahangdale, Dr. Sanjaykumar Rahangdale

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ISBN : 978-93-5016-270-5

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About the Book

Plant Physiology is the science that attempts to explain all plant processes. It is the science that explains how plants work. Plant Physiology includes the study of all the internal activities of plants, all the chemical and physical processes as they occur in life of plants. This study is very important to students of Botany.

Neat labeled diagrams, tables, charts and illustrations, tabular classifications are included which will help students in better understanding of the subject.

Topics are explained in a simple style and are explanatory. Diagrams and illustrations are neatly labeled and explained for students to understand the concepts well. Exercise questions and Past University questions are included for each chapter which will help students in preparing from examination point of view.


1. Introduction to Plant Physiology

1. What is Plant Physiology? – Plants at Work  

2. History of Plant Physiology     

3. Applications of Plant Physiology

2. Plant - Water Relations

1. Introduction  

2. Physico-chemical Properties of Water  

3. Membrane Structure  

4. Diffusion     

5. Osmosis 

6. Plasmolysis   

7. Imbibition    

3. Absorption of Water

1. Role of Water in the Life of Plants   

2. Concept of Water Potential and Capillary Water

3. Absorption of Water 

4. Factors affecting Absorption of Water 

4. Ascent of Sap

1. Introduction  

2. Theories of Ascent of Sap 

3. Factors affecting Ascent of Sap 

5. Transpiration 

1. Transpiration - an Unavoidable Evil   

2. Types of Transpiration    

3. Structure of Stomata

4. Mechanism of Opening and Closing of Stomata

5. Factors affecting Transpiration 

6. Significance of Transpiration   

7. Antitranspirants    

8. Guttation     

9. Exudation     

6. Plant Growth and Plant Growth Regulators

1. Introduction  

2. Phases of Growth    

3. Measurement of Growth     

4. Factors affecting Growth  

5. Plant Growth Regulators   

7. Nitrogen Metabolism

1. Introduction  

2. Nitrogen Fixation   

3. Assimilation of Nitrogen by the Plant 

8. Seed Dormancy and Germination

1. Seed Dormancy 

2. Methods to Break Seed Dormancy  

3. Metabolic changes during Seed Germination   

9. Physiology of Flowering

1. Photoperiodism

2. Phytohormones and Initiation of Flowering   

3. Application of Photoperiodism   

4. Vernalisation