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Software Quality Assurance

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BCA (Science Faculty)

Semester V

Text Book of

Software Quality Assurance

Author: Jigisha Pawar

ISBN : 978-93-5016-430-3

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1. Introduction to Software Quality

1. Introduction

2. Uniqueness of Software Quality    Assurance  

3. Software, Software Errors, Faults and Failures     

4. Classification of the Causes of Software Errors    

5. Software Quality, Software Quality Assurance and Software Engineering   

2. Software Quality Architecture and Components 

1. Introduction

2. The Need for Comprehensive Software Quality Requirements

3. Classifications of Software Requirements into Software Quality Factors   

4. Parties Interested in the Definition of Quality Requirements 

5. SQA Architecture  

6. Software Quality Components  

7. Management SQA Components

3. Project Life Cycle

1. Introduction

2. Classic and Other Software Development Methodologies    

3. Factors Affecting Intensity of Quality Assurance Activities in the Development Process   

4. Verification, Validation and Qualification   

5. A Model for SQA Defect Removal Effectiveness and Cost   

6. CASE Tools and their Effect on Software Quality

4. Software Quality Infrastructure Components   

1. Introduction

2. Procedures and Work Instructions

3. Supporting Quality Devices   

4. Configuration Management

5. Software Quality Metrics

1. Introduction

2. Objectives of Quality Measurement 

3. Classification of Software Quality Metrics   

4. Process Metrics   

5. Product Metrics   

6. Implementation of Software Quality Metrics   

7. Limitations of Software Metrics

6. Software Quality Standards, Certification and Assessment

1. Introduction

2. Quality Management Standards 

3. SQA Project Process Standards–IEEE Software Engineering Standards