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Practical Physics



Practical Physics

Standard - XI

Author: S.Y. Gambhhi, A.V. Deshpande

(English Language)

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Learning of Science is incomplete without demonstration and experiments. Equal weightage is given for theory and practicals during exams.

This book includes all experiments in Physics that are required for the students of XI std. Detailed information regarding materials, equipment, procedure, observations to be made and recording of results is given for each experiment.  The book also includes neat and labeled diagrams which will help students to learn to sketch during the Practical exams. Instructions regarding precautions to be taken in handling equipments and carrying out experiments are also given which will be useful to conduct the experiments efficiently. Logarithm, trigonometric and reciprocal tables and how to use them are included for students to refer. This book is written according to the revised syllabus prepared by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.

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