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क्रियाशारीर विज्ञान Sharirkriya Vigyan Part 2



क्रियाशारीर विज्ञान


डॉ. सुभाष रानडे

डॉ. स्वाती चोभे

(Marathi Language)

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The book is as per syllabus of First Professional – B.A.M.S students of CCIM and M.U.H.S. Nasik.

Kriya sharir Vighyan is concerned with the understanding of normal functions of the human body through Ayurvedic perspective.

All topics are covered in simple language and explanation is given in point form. Many new topics like Blood examination, Urine examination, and Cardio vascular Examination, Respiratory and Nervous system examination have been covered in detail. A few chapters are in Marathi and a few are explained in English for the benefit and convenience of students.

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