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आत्मपुराण Aatmapuran




पंडित महादेवशास्त्री जोशी

(Marathi Language)

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Mahadevshastri Joshi was a Marathi writer. He received the epithets Shastri and Pandit following his education in a Sanskrit pathshala in Sangli. Shastriji during his student days frequented the public Library and read works of Modern Marathi writers of his time. Later on he wrote many books, a few of his short stories were made into movies.

Shastriji has written his autobiography covering his life in Goa, Sangli and Pune. His youngest son Dr. Yadunath inspired and motivated him to write this autobiography. Ups and downs in life, Major changes and developments that have taken place have been brought out in a lucid manner by Shastriji. Major other aspects of his life he has covered in another popular title named ‘Aamacha Wanaprastha’.

 Acclaimed novelists and writers have given praises for previous editions of this memorable and cherishing book. “Aatmapuran” is a perfect gift for someone you love and who you desire should imbibe and cherish true values of life.


१. आम्ही गोमंतवासी 

२. पाऊणशे वर्षापूर्वीचे आंबेडे 
३. माझे तीर्थरूप 
४. एक जन्म  एक मृत्यू 
५. आजी काशीवासाला जाते 
६. अहो म्या  बंड  पाहिले 
७. अध्ययनाचा श्रीगणेशा 
८. मी चतुर्भुज झालो 
९. सांगली बहु चांगली 
१०. मराठी शाळा आणि  इतर चळवळी 
११.  बाह्यणासी ग्रामण्ये बुडविले 
१२. नारायण नमस्कृत्य 
१३. अर्ध्यावरती  डाव मोडला 
१४. पुनश्य नवा डाव मांडला 
१५. पहिले पेणे पणजीला 
१६. पुण्यात आलो पुणेकर झालो 
१७. पुण्यातील पहिली काही वर्ष 
१८. माझं  कथालेखन 
१९.  आमच्या  जीवनातलं  भीष्मपर्व 
२०. गोवा  स्वातंत्र्याच्या आगेमागे 
२१. ज्ञानराज प्रकाशन 
२२. कोश कारांच्या परंपरेत 

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