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'Zorba' Sandeep Kulkarni

(English Language)

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Zorba Sandeep Kulkarni has faced a lot of hardships in life, he is also an ardent disciple of teachings Acharya Rajneesh; he has penned down all his thoughts and realities of life and ways of fulfillment and attainment in this book.

Life is unpredictable and uncertain; numerous ups and downs are faced by mankind in his day to day life. There are various questions in everyone’s life which remains unanswered. Reading this book will give solace and a meaning to live life, the right way.

The author has cited instances from lives of various personalities. Thoughts are methodically written. At every point of time the reader is mersmerised with the thoughts and the reader craves to read further without blinking his eyes.

A person can derive solace, bliss, pleasure and fulfillment from Meditation. Meditation gives us satisfaction and self awakening. It is a way of life to be followed by each and every person irrespective of age and background the person comes from. Meditation helps one to understand one’s inner self and enables self awakening and self realization. In a jiffy all unanswered questions seem to be revealed.

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