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अष्टांगह्र्दयम Ashtanghruday



अष्टांगह्र्दयम (सूत्रस्थान)

(Marathi Language)

डॉ. सुभाष रानडे

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Dr. Subhash Ranade the author of this book is an Ayurvedic Academician and Practitioner since last 40 years. He has been giving talks on Ayurveda abroad since 1981 and has been working as visiting Professor at various Institutions in Germany, Swiss, Spain, Israel, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Japan.
He has given many Radio talks and Television interviews in India, Italy, Brazil, Germany and USA. He has also organized many National and International Conferences on Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’ gives main importance not only to the preventive aspects of the health, but also to the curative aspects of the diseases.

This book includes the Ayurvedic System, composed by Vagbhata with the commentaries (Sarvanga Sundara) of Arunadatta and (Ayurveda Rasayana) of Hemadri.

The book has been written especially for First Professional BAMS students of CCIM and MUHS.

The author has taken care to include all essentials Tika specifying their relevance. He has made all concepts easy to study for students. Only important aspects from Panchakarma have been included.


विभाग अ 

१.  आयुष्कामीय 
२.  दिनचर्या 
३.  ऋतूचर्या 
४.  रोगानुत्पादनीय 
५.  द्रवद्रव्यविज्ञानीय 
६.  अन्नस्वरुप विज्ञानीय 
७.  अन्नरक्षा 
८.  मात्राशितीय 
९.  द्रव्यादि विज्ञानिय
१०. रसभेदिय 
११. दोषादिविज्ञानिय
१२. दोषभेदीय 
१३. दोषोपक्रमणीय 
१४. द्विविधोपक्रमणीय 
१५. शोधनादिणसंग्रह 
विभाग ब 
१६. स्नेहविधी 
१७. स्वेदविधी 
१८. वमन- विरेचनविधी 
१९. बस्तीविधी 
२०. नस्यविधि 
२१. धूमपानविधी 
२२. गन्दुशादिविधी 
२३. अश्चोतन  अंजन विधी 
२४. तर्पण पुटपाकविधी 
२५. यन्त्रविधि 
२६.  शस्त्रविधी 
२७. सिराव्यधविधी 
२८. शल्याहरणविधि 
२९. शस्त्रकर्म विधी 
३०. क्षाराग्नीकर्मविधी

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