Biophysics and Instrumentation



F.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology

According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2013-14 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Biophysics and Instrumentation 

Author: Dr. Ashok Jadhav, Dr. Avinash V. Mancharkar

ISBN: 978-93-5016-201-9

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1. Atomic Structure

1. Introduction  

2. Bohr’s Atomic Model 

3. Radius and Energy of Bohr’s Orbit     

4. Origin of Spectral Lines (Rydberg’s Constant)     

5. Energy Level Diagram for Hydrogen Atom

6. Quantization of Energy and Quantum Numbers  

7. Sommerfield’s Relativistic Atom Model 

8. The Vector Atom model     

9. The Pauli Exclusion Principle   

10. Emission Spectra of the Sodium Atom (Alkali Spectra)   

2. Spectroscopy

1. Electromagnetic Waves     

2. Electromagnetic Spectrum  

3. Introduction to Molecular Energy Levels (Molecular Spectra)   

4. Energy Levels of Rigid Diatomic Molecules (Rotational Spectra)

5. Electron Spectroscopy     

6. UV - Visible Spectroscopy 

7. Colorimeter   

8. Spectrophotometer   

9. Flurometer (Fluorescence Spectroscopy)

10. Application to Biomolecules    

3. Radioactivity

1. Nucleus 

2. Classification of Nuclei  

3. Nuclear Forces

4. Models of Nuclear Structure     

5. Radioactivity 

6. Nuclear Radiations and their Properties     

7. Radioactive Decay   

8. Handling and Standardization of Alpha (a) and Beta (b) Emitting Isotopes. 

9. Detectors of Nuclear Radiations (Measurement of Nuclear Radiations) 

10. Production of Radionuclides    

11. Use of Radioactive and Stable Isotopes as Tracer Atom  

12. Biological Applications of Radioactive Isotopes  

13. Radioimmunoassay Method (RIA)  

14. Biological Effects of Radiation

4. Cell Membrane

1. Introduction  

2. Organization of Plasma Membrane 

3. Mass Transport

4. Membrane Transport  

5. Nernst Equation (Membrane Potential)  

6. Passive Electrical Properties of Cell (Equivalent Electronic Model of Cell)     

7. Active Electrical Properties of Cell  

8. Generation of Action Potential  

9. Types of Biopotentials and its Measurement  

5. Thermoregulation

1. Introduction  

2. Thermal Expansion Methods 

3. Thermoelectric Effect Instrument (Thermocouple Thermometer)   

4. Varying Resistance Devices

5. Body Temperature and its Regulation   

6. Bioinstruments

1. pH Meter

2. Centrifuge    

3. Mass Spectroscopy (MS)    

4. Atomic Spectroscopy 

7. Microscopes   

1. Resolving Power (Concept) 

2. Chromatic and Achromatic Aberrations  

3. Microscopes

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