Principles of Digital Electronics



According to New CBCS (CHOICE BASE CREDIT SYSTEM) Syllabus w.e.f. 2019-20

A Text Book of

Principles of Digital Electronics (ELC 112)

Author: H.R. Arvind

ISBN: 978-93-5016-441-9

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1. Number Systems and digital codes

1. Introduction

2. Decimal number system

3. Binary number system

4. Hexadecimal number system

5. Signed number representations

6. Binary addition and binary subtraction using 2s complement

7. Weighted and unweighted code

8. Gray code (Unweighted code)

9. Alphanumerical representation

2. Logice gates and boolean algebra

1. Logic gates

2. Basic logic gates

3. Derived logic gates

4. Unversal gates

5. Introduction to CMOS and TTL logic families

6. Boolean algebra rules and boolean laws

7. De-Morgans Theorem

8. Min term and Max term

9. Conversion of SOP POS expression to its standard SOP POS forms

10. Karnaughs Map

11. Digital designing using K map for Gray to binary and binary to Gray conversion

3. Combinational circuits

1. Introduction

2. Half adder

3. Full adder

4. 4 bit parallel adder

5. Universal adder subtracter

6. Applications of XOR gates as parity generator and parity checker

7. Multiplexers

8. Demultiplexers

9. Encoder

10. Decoder

11. Digital comparator

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