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Molecular Biology

BI 1185



Expected Question Paper Solution

This book is designed in two parts. First part consists expected questions classified chapter wise for easy revision and references. Second part have papers solved from previous years exams for practice.

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Expected Questions (Chapterwise)

Chapter 1: DNA as the Genetic Material

Chapter 2: Nucleic Acids - Structure, Properties and Function

Chapter 3: Organization of Genome

Chapter 4: Eukaryotic Genome

Chapter 5: Definition of Gene

Chapter 6: Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Chapter 7: DNA Damage and Repair, Mutations

Chapter 8: Transcription and Regulation of Transcription

Chapter 9: Genetic Code, Protein Synthesis

Chapter 10: Post-translational Modifications and Transport of Proteins



Question Paper Solution (Yearwise)

October 2008 to April 2011

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