Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics


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Engineering Mechanics

According to New Revised Syllabus, 'G' Scheme

Book Id: 1459 (2nd Edition)

Author: Ashwini Dixit, Rupendra Nehete, Tauseef Shaikh

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1. Simple Machines

1. Introduction

2. Definition

3. Load Lost in Friction and Effort Lost in Friction

4. Analysis

5. Velocity Ratio for Simple Machines

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2. Force Systems

1. Fundamentals


3. Force System

4. Resolution of a Force

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5. Moment of a Force

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3. Composition of Forces

1. Introduction

2. Resultant Force

3. Analytical Method

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4. Graphical Method

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4. Equilibrium

1. Introduction

2. Analytical Condition of Equilibrium

2. Lami's Theorem

3. Equilibrant

4. Beams

5. Graphical Method for Solving Equilibrium Problems

6. Graphical Conditions of Equilibrium

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5. Friction

1. Introduction

2. Equilibrium of Bodies on Level Plane, External Force Applied is Horizontal (Pull and Push)

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3. Ladder Friction

6. Centroid and Centre of Gravity

1. Introduction

2. Centroid (C or C.G.)

3. Centre of Gravity (C.G. OR G)

4. Centroid Vs Centre of Gravity

5. Centroid and Areas of Basic Geometric Figures

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6. Centroid of Composite Geometrical Figures

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7. Centre of Gravity (C.G.)

8. Centre of Gravity of Simple Solids

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9. Center of Gravity of Composite Solid