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Object Oriented Software Engineering

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According to New Revised CBCS Syllabus w.e.f. 2020-21

MCA Semester-I

A Text book of

Object Oriented Software Engineering

Author: Anand Jain

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ISBN: 978-81-948357-1-4

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1. Introduction to Development Approach SSAD and OOAD

1. Introduction

2. SSAD (Structured System Analysis and Design)

3. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

4. What is OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design)

5. Different Approaches and Models for System Development Approaches

2. Requirement Engineering

1. Introduction

2. What is Software Requirement?

3. Requirement Engineering

4. Introduction to Fact Finding Methods

5. Requirement Definition

6. Software Requirement Specification

3. Use Case Driven Object Oriented Analysis

1. Introduction

2. Introduction to OOP Concepts

3. UML

4. Use Case Driven Object Oriented Analysis

5. Structural Diagram

6. Behavioral Diagram

7. Activity Diagram

8. Sequence Diagram

9. Collaboration Diagram

10.State Transition Diagram

4. User Interface Design

1. Introduction

2. Principles of User Interface Design

3. Elements of Good Design

4. Eight Golden Rules for Design

5. Features of Modern GUI, Menus, Scroll bars, Windows, Buttons, Icons, Panels, and Error Messages etc.

6. Design of Output

5. Current Trends in Software Engineering

1. Introduction

2. Web Engineering

3. Introduction to Agile Development (Agile Process)

4. Agile Process Models