Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology
  • Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology

Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology

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According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2010 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology

SY BSc (General) Sem-II

Author : Dr. Hema Sane, Mahajan, Dr. D.N. Khairnar, Dr. Saler & Thakur

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About the Book

Bio technology is the product of interaction between sciences of biology and technology. Bio-technology consists of a variety of techniques designed to genetically improve and exploit living systems or their components for the benefit of man. Plant biotechnology is the introduction of desirable traits into plants through genetic modification.

It is necessary to acquaint students with these modern techniques. All basic concepts pertaining to Bio-technology; Enzyme Technology, Tissue Culture, Genetic Engineering and Biomass Technology have been explained in a simple and lucid style.

This Text book has been compiled by highly experienced and devoted teachers. They have referred several reference books on the subject, so that the book may provide up to date information to the students and teachers.

This book is based on the revised syllabus of the University of Pune for FY B.Sc. Botany students. Questions from past University papers and exercise are included at the end of each chapter for students to practice.


1. An Introduction to Plant Biotechnology   

1.1 Introduction     

1.2 Biotechnology as interdisciplinary subject     

1.3 Biotechnology and the developing world

1.4 Substrate for biotechnology  

2. Plant Genome     

2.1 Introduction     

2.2 Nuclear genome   

2.3 Cytoplasmic genomes    

2.4 Mitochondrial genome   

2.5 Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)   

3. Genetic Engineering    

3.1 Introduction     

3.2 Release of genetically manipulated organisms to the environment  

3.3 Genetic modifications and food uses

4. Bioprocess Technology  

4.1 Introduction     

4.2 Principles of microbial growth     

4.3 Bioreactor 

4.4 Scale up   

4.5 Media design for fermentation process

4.6 Solid substrate fermentation 

4.7 Downstream processing  

5. Enzyme Technology

5.1 The nature of enzymes  

5.2 Applications of enzymes

5.3 Technology of enzyme production    

5.4 Immobilized enzymes    

6. Biomass Technology for Energy

6.1 Introduction     

6.2 Photosynthesis-the ultimate source of energy 

6.3 Sources of biomass     

6.4 Ethanol from biomass   

6.5 Methane from biomass   

6.6 Biodiesel from plants  

7. Biomass Technology for Food (Single Cell Protein)

7.1 Need for proteins

7.2 Acceptability and toxicology of SCP

7.3 SCP from wastes  

7.4 SCP from agricultural crop residues

7.5 SCP from algae   

7.6 The economic implications of SCP   

8. Tissue Culture Technology    

8.1 Introduction and totipotency 

8.2 Media composition and preparation  

8.3 Culture technique

9. Environmental Biotechnology  

9.1 Introduction     

9.2 Waste water treatment  

9.3 Landfill technology    

9.4 Environmental sustainability