Engineering Drawing

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Engineering Drawing

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Author: Manohar Dabhade

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1. Projection of Lines and Planes

1.1  Projections of Points and Lines

1.2  Projections of Straight Lines (with one inclination)

1.3  Problems on Projections of Lines (with one inclination)

1.4  Assignments on Simple Lines

1.5  Projections of Straight Line

1.6  Solved Problems: Projections of Straight Lines

1.7  Solved Exercises: Projections of Straight Lines

1.8  Assignments: Projections of Straight Lines

1.9  Projections of Planes

1.10 Problems on Projections of Simple Planes

1.11 Assignments on Simple Planes

B`E Questions

2. Projections of Solids

2.1 Introduction

2.2  Axis of Solid Inclined to One Reference Plane and Parallel to Other

2.3  Solved Problems : Projections of Solids

2.4  Solved Exercises : Projections of Solids

2.5  Assignments : Projections of Solids

BTE Questions

3. Sections of Solids

3.1  Sections of Solids

     Sections of Prism

     Sections of Pyramids

     Sections of Cylinders

     Sections of Cones

     Solved Problems on Sections of Solids

     Solved Exercises: Sections of Solids

     Assignments : Sections of Solids

BTE Questions

4.   Developments of Surfaces

4.1  Introduction

     Solved Problems: Developments of Surfaces of Solids

     Solved Exercises: Developments of Surfaces of Solids

     Assignments on Developments of Lateral Surfaces

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5A.  Sectional Orthographic Views

5A.1 Types of Sections

5A.2 Solved Problems on Different Objects

5A.3  Assignments on Sectional Orthographic Projections

BTE Questions

5B.  Missing Views

5B.a Interpretation of Given Views

5B.b Simple Problems for Development of Imagination Power

5B.c Solved Problems on Interpretation of Views

5B.d Assignments on Interpretation of Views

BTE Questions

6.   Free Hand Sketches

6.1  Introduction

6.2  Sketching Orthographic Views

6.3  Free Hand Sketches

A. Nuts

B. Bolts

C. Foundation Bolts

D. Rivet Heads and Riveted Joints

E. Types of Riveted Joints

F. Screw Threads

G. (Set) Screw

6.4  Additional Machine Elements

A. Turn Buckle

B. Split Pin

C. Shaft Couplings

D. Bushed pin type flexible coupling

E. Universal Coupling or Hooke's Joint

F. Pulleys

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