Industrial Botany-I
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Industrial Botany-I

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F.Y.B.Sc. Term I Paper I Botany Pune University according to new syllabus 2013-14

Industrial Botany 

Author: Dr. Hema Sane, Dr. Savita Rahangdale,Dr. Sanjaykumar Rahangdale

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ISBN: 978-93-5016-209-5


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About the Book

Industrial botany is the commercial exploitation of plants by people; it contributes significantly to anthropology, biology, conservation, botany, and other fields of science.                                                                    

Economic plants are defined as being useful either directly, as in food, or indirectly, as products we use or that enhance the environment. Plants are essential to life on earth; they produce the oxygen we breathe through photosynthesis and provide much of the food we eat. Some species provide medicines and promote healing; others are used for insect control or to conserve water. In this book of Industrial Botany, exposure to diversity in plant groups and industries related to plant sciences are covered.

 Varied topics including Agri Industries, Mushroom Industries, Floriculture Industry and Plant Nursery Industry are covered in detail.

This book is based on the revised syllabus of the University of Pune for FY B.Sc. Botany students. Questions from past University papers and exercise are included at the end of each chapter for students to practice. Charts, Diagrams, Tables, Graphs are included as required, to facilitate students learning. Exercises in the end of each chapter will give students an idea about the questions that may be asked in exams.


1. Introduction to Industrial Botany

1. What is an Industry?

2. Plants as Resources 

2. Floriculture Industry

1. Introduction to Floriculture    

2. Important Floriculture Crops    

3. Greenhouse Technology     

4. Cultivation Practices (Greenhouse Technology), Harvesting and Marketing of Rose and Gerbera

3. Plant Nursery Industry

1. Concept of Nursery (What is a Nursery?)     

2. Propagation Methods

4. Plant Tissue Culture Industry

1. Concept of Tissue Culture 

2. Culture Techniques  

3. Commercial Significance 

5. Agri Industries

1. Introduction  

2. Organic Farming     

3. Seed Industries

6. Mushroom Industries 

1. Introduction  

2. Mushrooms and Vegetables