Power Engineering



Power Engineering

Author: Rajesh Choudhari, Sambhaji Sagare, Rupali Taharabadkar

T.Y.Diploma Sem V, Mechanical Engineering Group, MSBTE

BI: 1581

ISBN: 978-93-5016-260-6

Solved Question Papers upto 2015 Winter

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1. Internal Combustion (I.C.) Engines

1. Introduction

2. Power Cycles

2.1 Ideal or Air Standard Cycle

2.2 Carnot Cycles

2.3 Otto Cycle (Constant Volume Cycle)

2.4 Diesel Cycle (Constant Pressure Cycle)

2.5 Dual Cycle

2.6 Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual Cycle

2.7 Brayton Cycle

Numerical on Carnot Cycle

Numerical on Otto Cycle

3. Classification of I.C. Engines

3.1 Nomenclature of I.C. Engine

3.2 Four Stroke Cycle Petrol Engine (Spark-Ignition S.I. Engine)

3.3 Valve Timing Diagram for 4-Stroke Petrol

3.4 Four-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine (Compression Ignition (CI) Engine)

3.5 Valve Timing Diagram for 4-Stroke Diesel Engine

3.6 Turning Moment Diagram

3.7 Comparisons

4. Combustion in I.C. Engines

4.1 Scavenging of I.C. Engines

4.2 Pre-ignition

4.3 Detonation

4.4 Difference between Detonation and Pre-ignition

4.5 Supercharging

4.6 Turbocharging

4.7 Air Fuel Ratio Requirements

4.8 Multipoint Fuel Injection System (M.P.F.I.)

4.9 Types of Sensors

4.10 Fuel Injection Pump

4.11 Ignition in S.I. Engines

2. I.C. Engine Testing and Pollution Control

1. Introduction

2. Engine Terminology

3. Engine Testing

4. Efficiencies of I.C. Engines

5. Heat Balance Sheet

6. Morse Test

7. Motoring Test

8. List of Fuel

8.1 Classification of Fuels

8.2 Lubricant Additives and their Advantages

9. Pollution Control

9.1 Pollutants in Exhaust Gases of Diesel Engine

10. Pollution Effects on Environment

10.1 Effects on COPD and Asthma

10.2 Links to Cancer

11. Exhaust Gas Analysis

12. Catalytic Converter

12.1 Bharat-Stage III, IV Norms

12.2 Light Duty Diesel Vehicles

12.3 Light Duty Gasoline Vehicles

3. Air Compressor

1. Introduction

1.1 Uses of Compressed Air

2. Classification of Air Compressor

2.1 Air Compressor Terminology

3. Reciprocating Air Compressor

3.1 Two-stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

3.2 Efficiency of Compressor

Solved Problems

3.3 Rotary Compressor

3.4 Types of Rotary Compressors

3.5 Purification of Air

3.6 Methods of Energy Saving in Air Compressor

4. Gas Turbine and Jet Propulsion

1. Introduction

2. Classification of Gas Turbine

2.1 Uses of Gas Turbines

2.2 Constant Pressure Gas Turbine

2.3 Open Cycle Gas Turbine

2.4 Closed Cycle Gas Turbine

2.5 Difference Between Closed Cycle Gas Turbine and Open Cycle Gas Turbine

3. Methods to Improve Thermal Efficiency of Gas Turbine

3.1 Open Cycle Gas Turbine with Regeneration

3.2 Open Cycle Gas Turbine with Intercooling

3.3 Open Cycle Gas Turbine with Reheating

4. Jet Propulsion

4.1 Turbojet Engine

4.2 Turbo Propeller Engine

4.3 Ram Jet Engine

4.4 Rocket Propulsion

5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

1. Introduction

1.1 Tonnes of Refrigeration

1.2 Coefficient of Performance

1.3 Vapour Compression System

1.4 Vapour Compression Cycle on P-H and T-S Diagram

1.5 Types of Vapour Compression Cycle

1.6 Basic Components of Vapour Compression Cycle

1.7 Simple Absorption Refrigeration System

1.8 Application of Vapour Compression Cycle

2. Psychrometry

2.1 Psychrometric Chart

2.2 Psychrometric Process

 3. Air Conditioning System

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