Thermal Engineering



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Author: Dinesh Lohar, Sambhaji Sagare

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1. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

1. Introduction

2. Concept of Pure Substance

2.1 Definition of Pure Substance

2.2 Types of Systems

2.3 Classification of Systems

2.4 Properties of Systems

2.5 Quasi-Static Process

2.6 Point Function and Path Function

3. Work and Energy

3.1 Work

3.2 Energy (Heat)

3.3 Concepts of Enthalpy and Entropy

4. Laws of Thermodynamics

4.1 Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

4.2 Temperature Measurement

4.3 Principle of Energy Conversion

4.4 Irreversibility

4.5 First Law of Thermodynamics

4.6 Second Law of Thermodynamics

4.7 Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Kind (PMM 1) (Violates First Law of Thermodynamics)

4.8 Perpetual Motion Machine of the Second Kind (PMM 2) (Violates Second Law of Thermodynamics)

5. Applications of Thermodynamic Laws

5.1 Steady Flow Energy Equation

6. Applications of Second Law to Heat Engine, Heat Pump and Refrigerator

6.1 Heat Engine

6.2 Heat Pump (Reversed Heat Engine)

6.3 Difference between Heat Engine and Refrigerator

Solved Examples

2. Ideal Gases

1. Introduction

2. Ideal Gas

3. Ideal Gas Processes

Solved Problems

3. Steam and Steam Boiler

1. Introduction

2. Generation of Steam at Constant Pressure

2.1 Representation on T-H Charts

3. Various Terms for Steam

4. Properties of Steam

5. Use of Steam Table

6. Quality of Steam (Dryness fraction)

7. Degree of Superheat

8. Vapour Process

Solved Problems by using Mollier chart

9. Rankine Cycle

Solved Examples

10. Steam Boilers

10.1 Classification of Boilers

11. Cochran Boiler

12. Babcock and Wilcox Boiler

13. Modern High Pressure Boilers

13.1 La-Mont Boiler

13.2 Loeffler Boiler

14. Requirements of Good Boilers

15. Comparison between ‘Fire Tube’ and ‘Water-Tube’ Boilers

16. Boiler Draught

16.1 Classification of Draughts

16.2 Natural Draught (Chimney Draught)

16.3 Mechanical Draught

17. Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR)

18. Boiler Mountings

18.1 Safety Valves

18.2 Lever Safety Valve

18.3 Dead Weight Safety Valve

18.4 Spring Loaded Safety Valve

18.5 Water Level Indicator

18.6 Pressure Gauge

18.7 Stop Valve

18.8 Blow of Cock

18.9 Feed Check Valve

18.10 Fusible Plug

19. Boiler Accessories

19.1 Feed Pump

19.2 Superheater

19.3 Economiser

19.4 Air Preheater

19.5 Steam Injector

4. Steam Nozzles and Turbines

1. Introduction

1.1 Continuity Equation

1.2 Types of Nozzles

1.3 Concept of Mach Number

1.4   Critical Pressure

2. Steam Turbine

2.1 Classification of Steam Turbines

2.2 Comparison between Impulse and Reaction turbine

3. Compounding of Turbine (Method of Reducing Rotor Speed)

3.1 Method of Compounding

3.2 Regenerative Feed Heating

3.3 Governing and Its Types

5. Steam Condensers and Cooling Towers

1. Steam Condenser

1.1 Classification of Condensers

1.2 Difference between Jet and Surface Condenser

1.3 Daltons Law of Partial Pressure

1.4 Function of Condenser

1.5 Sources of Air Leakage in Condenser

2. Cooling Towers

2.1 Natural Draught Cooling Tower

2.2 Forced Draught Cooling Tower

2.3 Induced Draught Cooling Tower

2.4 Merits and Demerits of Cooling Tower

Solved Examples

6. Heat Transfer

1. Introduction

2. Modes of Heat Transfer

3. Fourier’s Law of Heat Conduction

3.1 Thermal Conductivity of Materials

3.2 Thermal Resistance (Rth)

3.3 Conduction of Heat through Hollow Cylinder

Solved Examples

3.4 Heat Conduction through a Composite Wall

Solved Examples

3.5 Combined Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer

Solved Examples

4. Heat Transfer by Radiation

5. Heat Exchangers

5.1 Function of Heat Exchangers

5.2 Classification of Heat Exchangers

5.3 Multiphase Heat Exchanger

5.4 Material for Heat Exchangers

5.5 Applications of Heat Exchangers

Solved Examples

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