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Mechanical Engineering Drawing

BI 1481


According to New Revised 'G' Scheme

Mechanical Engineering Drawing

Author: Manohar L. Dabhade

Book Id: 1481

ISBN No: 9789350161906

Second Year Diploma, Sem III

Mechanical Group

Solved Question Papers upto Winter 2015


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1. Auxiliary Views

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Auxilliary Vertical Plane (A.V.P.)

1.3 Auxilliary Inclined Plane (A.I.P.)

1.4 Symmetrical Auxiliary View

1.5 Unilateral Auxilary View        

1.6 Bilateral Auxiliary View

1.7 Solved Problems (with write-up)

1.8 Assignments on Auxiliary Projections

2. Intersection of Solids

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Methods of Construction

a.    Line Method and

b.    Cutting Plane Method

2.3 Diagrams Showing Intersection

a.    Cylinder to Cylinder

b.   Prism to Prism

c.   Prism to Cylinder

d.   Cone to Cylinder

2.4 Solved Problems: Intersection of Solids

2.5 Solved Exercises: Intersection of Solids

2.6 Assignments on Intersection of Solids

3. Conventional Representation

3.1 Standard Convention using SP: 46-1988

3.2 Conventional Representation of Various Materials

3.3 Long and Short Break in Pipe, Rod and Shaft

3.4 Ball and Roller Bearing, Pipe Joints, Cocks, Valves, Internal and External Threads

3.5 Various Sections - Half, Removed, Revolved, Off-Set, Partial and Aligned Section

3.6 Knurling, Serrated Shafts, Splined Shafts and Chain Wheels

3.7 Springs with Square and Flat Ends, Gears, Sprocket Wheels

3.8 Counter-sunk and Counter Bore

3.8 Tapers

3.10 Keys and Key-ways

4. Production Drawings

4.1 Surface Roughness

4.2 Tolerances

4.3 Fits

4.4 Geometrical Tolerance

4.5 Symbolic Representation of Welds on Technical Drawings

5. Details to Assembly Drawings

5.1 Introduction

Solved Problems

Universal Coupling

Oldham's Coupling

Foot Step Bearing

Pedestal Bearing

Tool Post (Single Point)

Shaper Tool Holder

Machine Vice

Pipe Vice

Screw Jack

Steam Stop Valve

Non-return Valve

Solved Problem

Details to Assembly Assignments

6. Assembly to Details

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Solved Problems

Pedestal Bearing (Plummer block)

Lathe Tail Stock


Petrol Engine Piston and Connecting Rod

Gland and Stuffing Box Assembly

Screw Jack

Fast and Loose Pulleys


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