Strength of Materials



According to New Revised 'G' Scheme

Strength of Materials

Author: A. Dixit, R. Nehete, T. Shaikh, S. Sonawane

Book Id: 1483

ISBN No: 9789350161920

Second Year Diploma, Sem III

Mechanical Group

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1. Mechanical Properties of Materials, Simple Stresses and Strains

1. Introduction

2. Mechanical Properties of Materials

2.1 Types of Loads

2.2 Modulus of Elasticity

3. Bars of Composite Sections

3.1 Shear Stress in Rivets

3.2 Behaviour of Ductile Material under Load

3.3 Behaviour of Brittle Material under Load

3.4 Some Important Concepts /Terms

Numericals on Stress-Strain Curve

3.5 Concept of Linear Strain, Lateral Strain and Poissons Ratio

3.6 Concept of Uniaxial Loading

3.7 Concept of Biaxial Loading

3.8 Concept of Triaxial Loading

3.9 Elastic Constants

Numericals on Elastic Constants

3.10 Temperature Stresses and Strain

Numericals on Thermal stresses

3.11 Thermal Stresses in Composite Bar

3.12 Hoop-Stress and Strain

4. Buckling

4.1 Important Definitions

4.2 Equivalent Length of the Column79

4.3 Classification of Columns

4.4 Euler’s Theory for Long Column

4.5 Rankine’s Formula

Solved Example

2. Principal Stresses and Planes

1. Principal Planes

2. Principal Stress

2.1 Stresses on an Oblique Section of a Body Subjected to a Direct Stresses on One Plane

2.2 Stresses on an Oblique Section of a Body Subjected to Direct Stresses in Two Mutually Perpendicular Direction

2.3 Stresses on an Oblique Section of a Body Subjected to Direct and Shear Stress on One Plane

2.4 Stresses on an Oblique Section of a Body Subjected to Direct and Shear Stress on Mutually Perpendicular Plane

2.5 Stresses on an Oblique Section of a Body Subjected to a Simple Shear

2.6 Mohr’s Circle Method for Finding Principle Stresses and Planes

Solved Problems

3. Thin Cylinder

3.1 Failure Pattern of Thin Cylindrical Shell

3.2 Stresses in a Thin Cylindrical Shell

3.4 Strains in the Thin Cylindrical Shell

Solved Examples

3. Bending Moment and Shear Force

1. Introduction

1.1 Types of Load or Loading on a Beam

1.2 Shear Force (SF)

1.3 Bending Moment (BM)

2. Shear Force Diagram (SFD) and Bending Moment Diagram (BMD)

3. Reaction Calculation

3.1 Reaction Calculation for Simply Supported Beam

Solved Examples

3.2 Reaction Calculation for Cantilever

3.3 Reaction Calculation for Over Hanging Beam

Solved Examples

Problems to find point of Contraflexure

4. Moment of Inertia

1. Introduction

2. Polar Moment of Inertia (IZZ or Ip)

3. Radius of Gyration (K)

4. Theorem of Moment of Inertia

5. M.I. of Solid and Hollow Rectangular Section

Solved Examples

6. M.I. of Solid and Hollow Circular Section

Solved Examples

7. M.I. of Semi-Circular Section

Solved Examples

8. M.I. of Quarter Circle

Solved Examples

9. M.I. of Triangular Section

Solved Examples

10. Moment of Inertia of Composite Figures/Plane Laminas

11. Formulae of Centroid

12. Formulae of M.I

Solved Examples

5. Bending Stresses

1. Introduction

2. Theory of Simple (Pure) Bending

2.1 Stress Distribution Diagrams for Cantilever and Simply Supported Beams

2.2 Assumptions in the Theory of Bending

2.3 Flexural Formula or Equation of Bending

2.4 Moment of Resistance

2.5 Section Modulus (Z)

3. Concept of Direct and Transverse (Vertical) Shear Stress

3.1 Direct Shear Stress

3.2 Transverse (vertical) Shear

3.3 Shear Stress Equation

3.4 Shear Stress Distribution for a Rectangular Section

3.5 Shear Stress Distribution for a Circular Section

3.6 Shear Stress Distribution for Hollow Rectangular Section

Solved Examples

6. Direct and Bending Stresses

1. Introduction

1.1 Direct Load (Axial Load)

1.2 Eccentric Load

1.3 Direct Stresses

1.4 Bending Stresses

1.5 Maximum and Minimum stresses (Resultant stresses)

2. Stress Distribution Diagram

3. Condition for no Tension in the Section

Solved Examples

7. Torsion

1. Introduction

2. Concept of Pure Torsion

3. Assumptions in Theory of Pure Torsion

4. Torsional Equation for Solid Circular Shaft

5. Power Transmitted by Rotating Shaft

6. Parameters/Comparison of Solid and Hollow Shaft

Solved Examples

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