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Applied Science -Civil Group

BI 1455


Applied Science Civil Group

According to New Revised 'G' Scheme 

Book Id: 1455

Authors:  V. Thakare, M. Shelke, M. Adwankar, B. Shinde, N. Nimishe,  R. Laware, M. Ugale, A. Jha, A. Dama, S. Shinde
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Section I - Applied Physics

1. Rectifier and Angular Motion

1. Introduction  

2. Kinematical Equations or Equations of Motion

3. Equations of Motion for Motion under Gravity

4. Distance Travelled by Particle in nth Second 

5. Angular Motion

6. Relation between Angular Velocity (w) and Linear Velocity (V) 

7. Three Equations of Angular Motion     

8. Angular Distance travelled by Particle in nth second 

2. Kinetics and Work Power Energy

1. Kinetics

2. Work, Power, Energy 

3. Projectile Motion and Circular Motion

1. Projectile Motion   

2. Circular Motion 

4. Ultrasonic

1. Introduction  

2. Properties of Ultrasonic Waves  

3. Piezoelectric Method

4. Applications of Ultrasonic Waves

5. Non-destructive Testing Methods

1. Testing Methods of Materials    

2. Non-destructive Testing (NDT)   

3. Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)  

4. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

6. Acoustics and Indoor Lighting

1. Acoustics     

2. Indoor Lighting 

7. Photo Electricity

1. Introduction  

2. Planck’s Hypothesis and Energy of Photon    

3. Electron Volt 

4. Properties of Photon

5. Photoelectric Effect

6. Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation     

7. Photoelectric Cell  

8. Photo Resistor

9. Applications of Photoelectric Cell

8. X-Rays

1. Introduction  

2. Origin of X-Rays    

3. Production of X-rays by Coolidge Tube 

4. Minimum Wavelength of X-Rays

5. Properties of X-Rays

6. Applications of X-Rays

Section II - Applied Chemistry

1. Metallurgy

1. Metals  

2. Steels

2. Corrosion

1. Introduction  

2. Why Protection of Metals from Corrosion is Necessary?   

3. Types of Corrosion  

4. Atmospheric or Chemical Corrosion     

5. Immersed or Electrochemical Corrosion 

6. Protection of Metals from Corrosion   

7. Inorganic Protective Coatings   

8. Methods of Applying Metal Coating

9. Non-Corrosive Materials   

10. Non-metallic Coating

3. Water

1. Introduction  

2. Sources of Water    

3. Properties of Water 

4. Impurities in Water 

5. Classification of Water   

6. Causes of Hardness of Water     

7. Types of Hardness

8. Degree of Hardness of Water     

9. Estimation of Hardness of water 

10. Effects of Hard Water    

11. Methods of Softening of Hard Water

12. Characteristics of Drinking Potable Water  

13. Desalination of sea water by Reverse Osmosis 

4. Cement and Lime

1. Cement  

2. Lime

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