Basic Science - CHEMISTRY

BI 1434


F.Y.Diploma Sem - I (Common to all Branches)

Basic Science - CHEMISTRY

According to New Revised 'G' Scheme 

Authors : J. D. Omase, Dr. P. S. Kulkarni, P. D. Chaple, A. Jha

Book Id: 1434

Edition 2nd 2013

Solved Question Papers upto 2015 Winter

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1. Chemical Bonding

1. Introduction

2. The Story of Atom

3. Modern Atom

4. Distribution of Electrons in Different Orbits or Shells

5. Representation of Bohr’s Energy Shells

6. Filling up of the Orbitals with Electrons:  Electronic Configuration 15

7. Chemical Bonding

2. Electrochemistry

1. Introduction

2. Electrolyte

3. Ionisation and Electrolytic Dissociation

4. Arrhenius Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation (Arrhenius Theory of Ionisation)

5. Degree of Ionization

6. Electrolysis

7. Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis

8. pH and pOH

3. Metals and Alloys

1. Metals

2. Alloys

4. Non-metallic Engineering Materials

1. Plastics

2. Rubber (An Elastomer)

3. Thermal Insulating Materials

solved papers of winter 2012,winter 2013.

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