Linear Integrated Circuits

BI 1403


Linear Integrated Circuits


Includes: Introduction to Operational Amplifier (OPAMP), Opamp basic circuits, Applications Of OPAMP, Filters, Timers

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1. Introduction to Operational Amplifier (OPAMP)

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Block diagram (all stages)

1.3 Functions of all stages

1.4 Equivalent circuit, circuit symbols and terminals

1.5 Op-Amp IC’s: 741 Pin diagram and Pin function

1.6 Parameter of Op-Amp

1.7 The Ideal op-amp

1.8 Ideal voltage transfer curve

1.9 Op-Amp Configurations

1.10 Op-Amp IC 741

2. Opamp basic circuits

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Opamp configurations

2.3 Virtual ground concept

2.4 Open loop configuration

2.5 Closed loop opamp configurations

2.6 Adders

2.7 Integrator Circuit

2.8 Differentiator

2.9 Basic concepts of frequency compensation of opamps and offset nulling

3. Applications Of OPAMP

3.1 Need for signal conditioning and signal processing

3.2 Instrumentation amplifier

3.3 Voltage (V) to current (I) converter

3.4 Current (I) to voltage (V) converter 

3.5 Sample and hold circuit

3.6 Log and antilog Amplifiers

3.7 Analog Multiplier and divider

3.8 Comparators

4. Filters

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Classification of Filters 3

4.3 Concept of passive and active filters

4.4 Merits and demerits of active filters over passive filters

4.5 Ideal Characteristics

4.6 Some Important Terms

4.7 First order and Second order Butter-Worth filters

4.8 Comparison between active filter and passive filter]

5. Timers

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Block diagram of IC 555 Timer

5.3 Modes of Operation of IC 555

5.4 Dual Timer (556)

5.5 Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

5.6 Pin Diagram and pin functions of IC 565(PLL) and IC 566 (VCO)

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