Communication Skills

BI 1355


Communication Skills

Includes: Introduction to Communication, Types of Communication, Non-Verbal – Graphic Communication, Formal Writing Skills

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1. Introduction to Communication

1.1 Definition, Communication Cycle

1.2 The Communication Event

1.3 Concept of Communication Process

1.4 Process of Communication

1.5 Importance and Need of Communication

1.6 Process of Communications

1.7 Characteristics of Communication

2. Types of Communication

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Formal Communication

2.3 Informal Communication/Grapevine Communication

2.4 Types of Formal Communication

2.5 Verbal Communication

2.6 Non-verbal Communication

3. Principles of Effective Communication

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Communication Barriers

3.3 How to overcome Barriers

3.4 Developing Effective Messages

4. Non-Verbal – Graphic Communication

4.1 Non-verbal Communication

4.2 Aspects of Body Language

4.3 Graphic Communication / Visual Communication

5. Formal Writing Skills

5.1 Office Drafting

5.2 Job Application with Resume

5.3 Business Correspondence

5.4 Report Writing

5.5 Defining, Describing Objects and Giving Instructions



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