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Basic Chemistry

BI 1310


Basic Chemistry

According to New Revised 'E' Scheme


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1. Atomic Structure

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Story of Atom

1.3 Modern Atom

1.4 Distribution of electron in different orbits or shells

1.5 Representation of Bohr’s energy shells

1.6 Filling up of the orbitals with electrons: Electronic Configuration

1.7 Chemical Bonding

2. Electrochemistry

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Atoms and ions

2.3 Ionisation and electrolytic dissociation

2.4 Arrhenius theory of electrolytic dissociation (Arrhenius theory of ionisation)

2.5 Degree of ionization

2.6 Significance of some terms involved in electrolysis

2.7 Electrolysis and mechanism of electrolysis

2.8 Faraday’s laws of electrolysis

2.9 Electrochemical cells and batteries

2.10 Application of electrolysis

3. Metals and Alloys

3.1 Metals

3.2 Alloys

4. Non-Metallic Material

4.1 Plastics

4.2 Rubber (An Elastomer)

4.3 Thermal insulating materials

5. Environmental Effects (Awareness Level)

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Causes of Pollution

5.3 Types of Pollution

5.4 Air Pollution

5.5 Depletion of Ozone

5.6 Green House Effects

5.7 Water Pollution

5.8 Preventive Environmental Management (PEM) Activities


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