Relational Database Management System



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2016-17 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)


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Relational Database Management System

BCA (Under Science Faculty) Sem-II

Author : Reena Bharathi, Vandana Babrekar

Book ID : 1735

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1. File Organization

1. Introduction

2. Physical File and Logical File   

3. Fields and Record Organization   

4. Types of File Organization  

5. Indexes

6. Single Level Ordered Indexes

7. Multilevel Indices

2. Introduction of DBMS

1. Overview    

2. Traditional File System vs DBMS  

3. Describing and Storing Data 

4. Levels of Abstraction  

5. Data Independence

6. Structure of a DBMS    

7. Users of a DBMS  

8. Advantages of DBMS

9. Disadvantages of DBMS

3. Conceptual Design (E-R model)

1. Overview of DB Design  

2. Basic Concepts of the E-R Model  

3. Additional Constraints 

4. Notations used for E–R Diagram   

5. Extended E–R Features  

6. Conceptual Design Using E-R 


Solved Case Study

4. Structure of Relational Databases

1. Introduction

2. Structure of Relational Model Concepts 

3. Conversion of E-R To Relational Model  

4. Example Conversion of Hospital E-R schema, G-mart to their respective Tabular

5. Integrity Constraints

5. SQL    

1. Introduction

2. Data Definition Language    

3. Basic Structure of SQL 

4. Set Operations   

5. Aggregate Functions    

6. Null Values 

7. Nested Queries   

8. Modification to Database    

9. SQL Joins   

Solved Examples


6. Relational Database Design  

1. Introduction

2. Pitfalls in Relational-Database Design 

3. Functional Dependencies

4. Concept of Decomposition

5. Desirable Properties of Decomposition  

6. Normalization    

Solved Examples


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